Breaking Borders wins CampusDoc FilmFestival 2017

Utrecht – Breaking Borders is the winner of the seventh CampusDoc Filmfestival. The twenty minute documentary was made by Fatima Warsame and Barbara Vollebregt. The film tells the story of a gay refugee named Ibrahim, who changes his life to help other LHBTIQ refugees in Europe.


The festival was a great success, and films from all over the world were shown throughout the weekend.


The winning movie deserved first place because of Ibrahim’s brave story. Jury president Jan van Galen remarked, “This is a moving and beautiful story. It’s very brave to provide the help you once needed yourself.”


The festival was sold out on Sunday when the competing CampusDoc movies were shown. The sun was shining outside the Louis Hartloper theatre as visitors were enjoying the ten movies made by students of the Utrecht School of Journalism.


CampusDoc Film festival is an annual festival during which documentaries of new filmmakers are shown. The festival has grown more popular every year. It’s part of the CampusDoc honors program of the Utrecht School of Journalism, and it has become such a success that the honors class will be transformed into a semester-long minor in 2018.


“I don’t consider these films as just student productions. I’m very satisfied with the quality of the movies, and they still improve every year. We’ve attracted some new tutors, especially in the field of audio production, and old participants of the program were very engaged with the current students,” said head of the program John Driedonks.


Driedonks thinks the program will keep improving. From next year on, students from around the world will be able to sign up for the CampusDoc program, which will stimulate students to do their best. “I’m very proud of the movies that were shown today, and I’m already very excited for next year,” he said.


All documentaries are now available online at

CampusDoc Film Festival 2016 after movie

The CampusDoc Film Festival 2016 was held on June 4th & 5th 2016. Creators from all over the world and the Utrecht University of applied sciences for Journalism showed their documentaries to the world for the first time. A report about the festival, creators explaining their hard labor and the winners of the festival can be seen in the following video:


This video was made by:
Iris Verhoeven
Demi Schoenmakers



“Fragile as glass” wins CampusDoc Filmfestival

“Fragile as glass” is the winner of the sixth CampusDoc Filmfestival. The twenty minute documentary was made by Anne van Riel and Jessica Buijs. The film tells the story of Frans (70) who’s had a traumatic youth in Limburg (The Netherlands). Jury president Jan van Galen: “This story has everything. It’s impressive, sad and also hopeful to see the development that the main character has made.”




The festival was very crowded and the quality of the films was higher than ever before. The second place is for documentary “Biohacking – we need an upgrade” (Laura Okkersen and Floor Brock) en the third price goes to “A thousand percent” (Marije Huijsman and Sietse van der Molen).


CampusDoc Filmfestival is an annual festival where documentaries made by students of the Utrecht School of Journalism premiere. “A thousand percent” is the first documentary in the history of the festival that has not been made by Utrecht students, but students of the Ede School of Journalism. The award ceremony was hosted by Jeroen Overbeek, Maaike Timmermans and Jildou van Opzeeland.


All documentaries are now available for watching online at



CampusDoc Film Festival 2015: the winners

Utrecht, 7 juni 2015 – Papa made by Josselin Gordijn and Jet Verheijn is the winner of the fifth edition of the Campusdoc Film Festival. The festival was held in the Louis Hartlooper Complex on Sunday 7th June. Shipwrecked made by Carlien Bootsma and Nina van Oostrum won the second price. The documentary Hairless made by Eline van Leeuwe and Lisa Hissink took home the third price.

Eight documentaries premiered at the festival, all made by students Utrecht School for Journalism. Lots of people showed up for the film festival at the Louis Hartlooper Complex on Sunday, which was completely sold out. Both the nervous filmmakers and friends and family enjoyed a beautiful day, where eight new documentaries premiered. At the end of the festival the best three documentaries were awarded with a prize for the jury, which consisted of Hansje van Etten, Niko van der Sluijs and Jan van Galen. They had a hard time deciding who was going to win, and took all morning to discuss this.The documentaries will now also be shown at lots of other festivals, theaters and public television.


The winners and the jury on stage

The winners and the jury on stage


All of the students were nervewrecked on the day of the premiere. They’ve worked tirelessly for six months, went to New York for special training and have been coached through the entire process. For the CampusDoc course they had to complete their first edit of the film and all finished the course with honours. But the work was not done, they contacted professional companies to help them with color correction, audio post processing and creating music scores. All of this resulted in eight wonderful documentaries.


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A video about CampusDoc Film Festival 2014

Anand Sunier and Bas van Setten produced a video about the CampusDoc Film Festival 2014, held at Louis Hartlooper Complex in Utrecht on Sunday the 1st of June. So even if you weren’t able to be there, you can still get a taste of the wonderful ambiance at the festival. Enjoy!



CampusDoc Film Festival 2014 winners

The annual CampusDoc Film Festival was held on Sunday the 1st of June 2014. Eight documentaries from Dutch journalism students from the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences were premiered. The top three documentaries were awarded during the festival. The CampusDoc Filmfestival also presented six international documentaries for the first time.



CDFF-2014-8632The 2014 edition of the CampusDoc Film Festival was held at Louis Hartlooper Complex in Utrecht on Sunday the 1st of June. Early in the morning, both students and visitors came to the festival to witness the premieres of eight new documentaries produced in the CampusDoc journalism program from the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. An exciting moment for the students, to see their documentary come to life on the big screen.


The jury, consisting of Hansje van Etten, Niko van der Sluijs and Jan van Galen, chose a top three out of the eight documentaries, based on different criteria.


The third place went to The Rookie: The American dream of Kalian Sams, by Ibrahim Diallo and Tim Toet.

The second place is for the documentary Extraordinary, by Sam Hagens and Benjamin Kamps.

The winner of the CampusDoc 2014 Film Festival is For Life by Jiri Glaap and Daan Langkamp.


Jiri Glaap and Daan Langkamp celebrating on stage

Jiri Glaap and Daan Langkamp celebrating on stage



In the afternoon, the festival also hosted several international documentaries. Information about both the Dutch and the international documentaries can be found on this page. Alle the photo’s taken that day, can be found here on the website.

Hear me Out on Main Deaf Film Festival 2014

CampusDoc 2013 production “Hear me Out” by Steffi van Rhee and Martijn Wütz will be screened the 26th of April during the Main Deaf Film Festival 2014, Portland, USA.  After the festival the documentary goes on tour in specialised US film festivals.


Hear me Out


Of course siblings don’t always agree on everything, but this deaf brother and sister differ on one important, life-changing decision: receiving a cochlear implant or remaining deaf.


CampusDoc documentaries air in New York

CUNY TV (the TV station of the City University of New York) is planning to broadcast short documentaries, produced by Dutch multimedia students. Executive Director Bob Isaacson has taken an option on the next eight documentaries, which will premiere (more…)

CampusDoc Film Festival 2013: The winners

René van Beek and Myrthel van der Ploeg have won the CampusDoc Film Festival 2013 with their documentary Make My Dream. The jury was excited about all the documentaries at the festival and chose this one as the winning movie.


The festival itself was a huge succes today. Every creator can be proud of their achievements in working on the documentaries.


Next year the festival will be held at 1st June 2014. Everyone can reserve this date in their calendars.


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